Kathleen Cantin Signs of Spring Farmhouse Countryside etching.





 Kathleen Cantin



This is a limited edition Etching by Kathleen Cantin

"Signs of Spring"


  • Beautiful etching ! Would look beautiful in any home or office!
  • Retails $395.00 on Artist's website!
  • From a series of 750.
  • Dated 1987.
  • The image size is 11 3/4 " x  8 3/4"  
  • Outside border of etching is  averages 14 " x 16 ".   
  • Etchings by Kathleen Cantin include a COA.
  • Stunning detail of a farmhouse with stream next to birch trees. Horses and farmhouse with fluffly clouds in blue sky. 

   Kathleen Cantin

The etchings of Kathleen Cantin are created and hand-painted in her studio.Kathleen draws directly on the copper plates in the same manner as artists of the 15th century. She adds color to her etchings by drawing additional copper plates, which are hand painted one at a time. As many as ten colors are blended on four copper plates to produce rich effects. This techinique is very difficult, and is not attemped by many artists. Because of the time involved, Kathleen creates only eight or ten etchings each year. Her work is in great demand, and is collected all over the world.

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