Angie Whitson Beam Us Up Scotty Funny Penguins Etching


                             Angie Whitson

                             "Beam Us Up Scotty!" 

                                Do you love Penguins!!!!


Signed and Numbered by Artist Angie. (signed only Angie on all her prints)

Happy to e-mail current titles in stock by artist.

Image size with border 16 x 6"

Shipped rolled for safe delivery

Too cute print of penguins begging  "Beam us up Scotty" before they become lunch!


Angie Whitson has a lighter humorous side, bringing laughter and joy to the viewer, too cute penguins!!!







  • She is widely known for her beautiful sculptures represented all over the world.

    Over a period of several years she has won eight gold medals, twelve first places and many second and third place. Her training and education began at the Pasadena Museum of Art.

    Price: $ 30.00 retail

          Titles coming soon of even more humorous penguins!







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