Bonnie Marris Other Footsteps 3 Wolves LTD ED Sold Out!



Bonnie Marris




"Other Footsteps"
Sold Out!
Set retails for $140.00
This is a limited edition by Bonnie Marris
The image size 
Dimensions: 12 x 8.25
16 1/2 x 13 with border
It is in beautiful condition and has never been framed. 

  • Please E-mail questions before bidding. 
  • Sold out at Publishers
  • Number 325/950 up for bid
  • Dated 1986 by Greenwich Workshop
  • Includes folder by Greenwich.
  • Three wolves in long yellow grass.
  • Beautiful print!
  • Includes Cert and Bio of "Other Footsteps" description and story shown below.
  • Shipped flat .
  • Thank you!

Bonnie Marris

Imagine going for a summer hike down your secret hidden trail to your favorite spot by the stream that you know is all yours.Without a care in the world, you are feeling good and safe and one with nature. Suddenly, you encounter the most dangerous predator of all myth and legend....only a few yards away. Cunning, secretive and unpredictable, he can outrun and outfight you, and you are certainly no match againist his powerful jaws.

But this encounter has a twist. The teeth are the teeth of a chain saw, the jaws are a steel trap and the dreaded predator is a human. The look on the faces of these three cubs reveal their surprise at a cabin going up in their remote little Eden. The harsh buzz of a change saw and the sound of human voices signal a sad change in their world.

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