Charles Wysocki 1989 Christmas Greeting Fox Briar Farm



Charles Wysocki
"Christmas Greetings"
1989 Fox Briar Farms Inn




" For this year's special Christmas print I drew on memories of a happy boyhood .
                              When I was young , Christmas meant good feelings between neighbors , home-baked pies , home-made gifts and especially friendly snowball fights between the boys . "
~Charles Wysocki~
This is a limited edition Lithograph by Charles Wysocki

It is in mint condition and has never been framed. 


  • Published in 1989
  • Includes COA and original sleeve by Greenwich.
  • Thank you!
  • Shipped flat UPS for fast and safe delivery!
  • Paper for the prints was specially selected by the artist for it's ability to retain brilliant color and appearance. Each is packaged in a portfolio designed by the artist and made of premium, acid-free paper. All materials are pH neutral and, with proper archival framing and care, your print or canvas will offer generations of enjoyment

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