Arthur Shilstone The Drummer Limited Edition Art by Watercolor Artist


" The Drummer"

Always on the move, the drummer is the motor that

drives the music. Whether it's a heavy, fast-paced,hard-driving piece with

crashing cymbals, booming tom-toms and staccato rim shots or a soft, light,

romantic melody with a feathery dusting of brushes, he is

the pulse-the heart of the music

Arthur Shilstone

 Published by Mill Pond Press 1989

Image size 18.25 x 13.25"

With border 24 x 19.5"


950 series

Issue price $195.00

~Arthur Shilstone~

Arthur Shilstone is a watercolor artist who blends impressionistic and realistic styles with beautiful finesse. In his paintings, Shilstone strives "to impart a sense of place as well as the mood."  Shilstone's initial enrollment at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, was interrupted by World War II. During his three years in the Army in the European Theater, he spent as much time sketching as he could. After the war, Shilstone returned to the Pratt Institute, from which he graduated in 1947.



 Shilstone began his career in art as an illustrator. His work appeared in a diverse collection of major American magazines including Life and Smithsonian. Shilstone's artistic grounding in illustration has made draftsmanship integral to his work; his strong linear identification of form allows his color washes to be free and loose.

 Shilstone paintings are included in numerous private collections and in the permanent collections of many corporate giants. An official NASA artist, Shilstone's space shuttle paintings hang in the Smithsonian Institution's Air and Space Museum.
A member of the American Watercolor Society and the Society of Illustrators, Shilstone likes to do some of his preparatory work outdoors. "Working on the spot, uncomfortable as it is at times, gives me a wider range of material from which to choose. It suggests shapes and colors which I might not otherwise consider and what to eliminate, what to emphasize."
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