Angie Whitson Penguins Tennis (And Golf) Ltd Ed Etching $30 Retail!


                             Angie Whitson

            " Tennis"


                                Do you love Penguins??!!!




Signed and Numbered by Artist Angie. (signed only Angie on all her prints)

Happy to e-mail current titles in stock by artist.

Image size with border 16 x 6"

Shipped rolled for safe delivery


Angie Whitson has a lighter humorous side, bringing laughter and joy to the viewer, too cute penguins!!!

 She is widely known for her beautiful sculptures represented all over the world.Over a period of several years she has won eight gold medals, twelve first places and many second and third place. Her training and education began at the Pasadena Museum of Art.






  • Price: $ 30.00 retail

          Titles coming soon of even more humorous penguins!











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